Vege Cube
A 100% vegetable dish made mainly from peanuts. a centuries-old traditional dish from Africa.
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Vege Burger
In a burger, a sandwich,... What a delight!
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Vege Soup
Korean style, gamjatang-style soup
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Vege Cube

We offer 100% vegetable food, made from plant roots and peanuts or almonds or even other nuts

Special features of Vegecube

Flavor and Texture

VegeCube has a unique flavour profile. Its texture is generally firm and slightly chewy

Nutritional Value

VegeCube is known for its nutritional content. It is a good source of dietary fiber, protein, vitamins, and minerals.

Cultural Significance

VegeCube is a traditional food. It is often prepared for special occasions, festivals, and gatherings. The dish holds cultural significance and is considered a symbol of local culinary African heritage.

Serving options


BBQ Grill

Hot Soup

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Customers Reviews

7 Advantages to eat Vege Cube

There are many benefits to these lifestyles, including

Customers Reviews

I recently tried the organic veggie cube, and I was blown away by the delicious, natural flavor it added to my soups and stews. This product is perfect for anyone look
Mila Kunis

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I appreciate that the ingredients are organic and free from any harmful additives or preservatives. The vege cube is also very convenient to use - just drop it into your dish and let it dissolve.
Mike Sendler